Our Politicians are Ignoring the Obvious

Gina Raimondo’s State of the State Address was interesting. Positive thinking can’t hurt as long as it doesn’t stop us from getting to work on the problems plaguing our state. Things are bad here. The unemployment figures do not reflect the actual unemployed and under employed. Job numbers are not a fair gauge of available well paying jobs. Businesses are not flourishing as the heavy vacancies in commercial real estate verify. All these obvious facts force me to ask, “What Bizaaro world are our politicians living in?”

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An expedient trial by a jury of our peers comes to mind as I recall my wife’s experience while trying to argue one of these tickets last week. Although, it was supposed to be a simple opportunity to be heard; the excessive amount of RI residents with the same goal made it impossible. She just paid $95 and returned to work. I think there were 12,000 tickets given and 3,000 came in for their day in court. Another perfect example of our leadership not thinking things through. I wonder how long they knew there were that many expected in court and why they still did nothing to investigate or prepare.

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