Let’s Get Real

Donald was promoted to his level of incompetence. He had some basic skills in the real estate field. A fairly simple industry. Find, acquire and reuse is the basic premise. There’s not much else to it. Politics requires empathy and compromise. He just doesn’t have it in him. Most often action and inaction speak louder than words. In this case his inactions were the product of one of two things. Either he does have racist tendencies or he was so busy trying to keep his job that he forgot to do his job. In other words, he may have been trying not to offend, as David Duke stated, “those who voted for him” many of which have bruised egos from watching “inferior races” surpass them in our class system. This especially struck a hard cord once the highest office in the country was occupied by an individual who is of a mixed race, Obama’s name alone became a racial slur among Republicans. This was more than apparent when the Affordable Care Act was first and is still referred to as ObamaCare. What they really mean is “N Word Care”. Evolve America! What makes America great is equal opportunity and caring for those less fortunate than us. I saw the shift in our country in the 70’s. President Carter addressed the nation bravely when he said we have become a nation where “Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns.” What makes us “Americans” is standing up for the less fortunate and resolving injustice here and abroad. http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/jimmycartercrisisofconfidence.htm

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