My RV Guy, New to RVing?

Hello Campers,

We just came off the RV show season and are moving into our busiest time of the year. I’ve talked to many show attendees over the last few months and am very excited to see so many new campers anxious to get into the RV lifestyle. So, I’ve decided to touch on a few things that RV newbies need to consider.

Know what you want to do with your RV. Are you interested in traveling from campground to campground? Will you be seeking a seasonal site at a campground? Do you intend on going off the grid? How you answer these questions will dictate which RV will best suit your camping needs.

If you’ll be sampling a plethora of campgrounds, you’ll want an RV that is easy to hookup, setup and maneuver. My advice to clients is to “never purchase more RV than you’ll need.” It’s easy to get a little overzealous during your shopping experience. Remember, bigger is not always better. Smaller RVs are used more often than larger RVs not only because there are more smaller campsites available wherever you go, they’re also easier to tow. You’re going to spend a very small portion of you camping experience inside your RV. When the weather is right, you’ll cook, play and congregate outside. Focus on the goal! We go RVing to bond with our family and to relish in the wonders of the great outdoors, right?

Another option is seasonal campground RVing. Many families choose to go seasonal once they’ve sampled several venues and have fallen in love with a campground that fulfills most of their needs. In this case make sure you speak to campground management about what size camper will work on the available site you’re interested in before making a purchase. You can have your RV delivered, so you may want to purchase one which will maximize the potential of your site. I’ve had two seasonal vacation spots which have blessed me with wonderful memories exploring, enjoying and interacting with my campground family of friends. If you love to socialize, you’ll love the seasonal RV camping experience.

Dry camping, also referred to as boondocking, is camping in your RV without hookups. No electricity, water or sewer connections. If you yearn to experience nature at it’s fullest, this may be the type of camping for you. It’ll be just you and the serenity of nature. If you are going out for a few days, a light weight RV with an extra battery and a solar panel may be all you’ll need, but if you’ll be gone awhile a generator would be something to consider. In most cases, the experienced camper will just take enough supplies for a couple of days in the wilderness. You’ll want as little noise pollution as possible if you really want to experience the wonders of nature. A small light RV with an off-road package is ideal for this type of camping.

Need more information? Contact me anytime for advice and guidance with anything RV. I’d be glad to help.

Remember, time is our most precious commodity. Spend it wisely.

Happy camping!

Ron Ash

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Extended Season Camping

Hello Campers,

Winter camping isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a camping enthusiast with the proper equipment you may want to give it a try.  My first winter camping experience was just over thirty years ago.  The ground was hard, and the trails were icy, but my friends and I still managed to have an amazing time.  We didn’t have access to the state-of-the-art equipment available today.  In fact, we camped in tents without floors and our beds consisted of fallen leaves and a heavy tarp for ground cover.  A good sleeping bag, wool socks and layers of insulated clothing were necessities of survival.  Most importantly, we all made sure we kept the campfire burning.

I still have vivid memories of one of the new guys as he carried two cast iron Dutch ovens up the icy trails behind us.  The occasional bang and rolling clatter were enough to assure us he was still there.  Our backpacks were filled with all we would need to enjoy a cold winter weekend away with friends.  We’d clear our site, set the tents and hunker down for the weekend to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and the comradery of our camping family of friends.

Today modern recreational vehicles have expanded our camping seasons and allowed for a comfortable retreat from cold winter winds.  Polar packages with ducted heated underbellies, heavy insulation and even fireplaces have become common place.  If you love camping and have the equipment it’s time to find a few year-round campgrounds to enjoy.  Some members of my Camp New England Facebook group have recommended Aces High RV Park (CT), Peppermint Park Camping Resort (MA), Green Mountain Family Campground (VT) and Ammonoosuc Campground (NH).  Let me know about your favorite year-round spots as well as your own camping experiences.  I’d love to hear from you.

Remember, we are only limited by what we think is impossible.

Happy Camping!

Ron Ash

Hello Campers,

Today I was thinking of the day trips we’d take with our fellow campers. Those special journeys to area shorelines like Point Judith, Charlestown and Galilee. We’d pack up some gear, fill our coolers, strap the canoes to the station wagons and head out to explore. I guess this stroll down memory lane came about when I remembered an old cassette tape one of my summertime neighbors gave me decades ago. I thought I’d put together a little slideshow with those campfire songs playing in the background. With that thought, so many wonderful memories came to mind. Sunny days at Point Judith snorkeling with friends, fishing off the rocks for Flounder or building sandcastles on the beach. I even recalled the day I found my first Pole Spear in a couple feet of water just off the sandy shore. Quahogging in the shallow waters of Bluff Hill Cove in Galilee without a clam rake came to mind. We used our feet back then and had the cuts to prove it. We’d do the same at the Charlstown Breachway with canoes by our side. I still remember the day I saw my first Horseshoe crab. Mom let me know to always keep a safe distance of course. Most of us would fall asleep during the ride home, but once we got back we’d all run off the dock and jump right into Johnson’s Pond. Our folks would prepare the catches of the day while we enjoyed ourselves in the water. When the cowbell rang we knew it was time for a smorgasbord of seafood to be enjoyed with our campground family of friends. Someday I’ll put that slideshow together, but for now, I’ll just relish in my reflections of yesterday.

The memories we make today are the treasures we’ll hold dear tomorrow.

Happy camping!

The Man in the Mirror

I just brought this up last week. My sister was in town and we dropped by our old summer home in South Kingston. The new owner invited us in with a neighbor who began to reminisce about days gone by. That’s when I mentioned that “I still feel the same age. There’s just a different image staring back at me when I look in the mirror.” Everyone agreed. So, to all my “pre-social-media” friends; we’re all the same kids we were way back when. We are just packaged a little differently and have become a lot wiser.

Our Politicians are Ignoring the Obvious

Gina Raimondo’s State of the State Address was interesting. Positive thinking can’t hurt as long as it doesn’t stop us from getting to work on the problems plaguing our state. Things are bad here. The unemployment figures do not reflect the actual unemployed and under employed. Job numbers are not a fair gauge of available well paying jobs. Businesses are not flourishing as the heavy vacancies in commercial real estate verify. All these obvious facts force me to ask, “What Bizaaro world are our politicians living in?”

Photo Enforced

An expedient trial by a jury of our peers comes to mind as I recall my wife’s experience while trying to argue one of these tickets last week. Although, it was supposed to be a simple opportunity to be heard; the excessive amount of RI residents with the same goal made it impossible. She just paid $95 and returned to work. I think there were 12,000 tickets given and 3,000 came in for their day in court. Another perfect example of our leadership not thinking things through. I wonder how long they knew there were that many expected in court and why they still did nothing to investigate or prepare.

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